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Hello guys, 

Welcome to our blog, we are very flattered by all the love and care you bring to us. 

I am Louis a 2 years old good Sammy boy (except for the times when i am stubborn and whinny 🫣) and my two sisters Louran and Joman. Our story began during the lock-down as a result of the Covid19 pandemic when my sisters decided to raise a dog and got me (lucky them 🤓). 

This blog is dedicated to all pet owners and pet lovers all around the world; a platform that provides you tips and information about your four legged furry friends, their lifestyle, health, care, and habits 🐾. 

In our blog we share with you our daily life routine, fun moments, and funny videos for you to enjoy with us and share the laughs together 🥳.

On our platform we seek positiveness, entertainment, warmth, and respect hence there is no place for hate speech, offensive comments, or any kind of negative interactions. 

If you have any messages, suggestions, or needs of any kind please do not hesitate to contact us via email. 

with all the love,

Louis 🦴. 

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